Escort girl Abu Dhabi

Here is an erotic story of one of our escort girls and that really is different from usual and goes beyond what many of us imagined, do not lose thread of every word to describe a very interesting experience that she lived and that shows us how liberal she is and how she enjoys living situations full of morbidity.

BDSM Erotic Story

In BDSM I can switch so I like to get into any role. I am going to tell you an experience with a submissive, which led him to make a session at a liberal place. He contacted me through the page, and after many conversations I asked him to tell me what he liked, what not and what his limit was. With all this already in my head, I told him that I wanted to humiliate him in a liberal place, it was during the week and there are not many people. There are practices that still scandalize many people and that’s why I decided it was weekdays. Why didn’t I go to a bdsm store? That is the question, and the answer is simple, in those places there is usually no sex and I like having it too. Erotic submission with the degree you have according to the submissive. So I took him to a discreet room, there really were very few people in the room and the boys alone predominated. I ordered him to undress before me and I started the session. I am particularly excited that they come with a pink boxer put as submission to me. The session did not explain it because I leave that for another experience because in this the morbid thing was the following.

I tied him

When I had humiliated him, played with him, used for my pleasure, I tied him to a coat rack in the room. He stood, tied with his hands up, without being able to touch, with his pink panties in his mouth and with a dildo stuck in his anus. I ordered him not to move and not to drop his ass but he was going to be punished wildly. I was excited but even more when I told him that I was leaving the room and left him alone. He stood, tied, with his little boxer and passing couples over there looking at him. I went to the bar, and was watching the boys there, I chose one, I asked him to show me his penis, that someone with the big bugle wanted, and informed him of the situation, and that if he dared to throw himself at my submissive, after being with me in front of him. One of them, who was well endowed, did not hit me, vice versa, he liked the situation. We went to the room where my submissive was tied, and he had been a good boy, he had not moved from the place. I said in his ear that I was going to make sex with the boy in front of him and when I got tired I might throw it at him. On all fours, the stranger penetrated me while I with the penis of my submissive out of the boxer two centimeters from my mouth, I was spitting at him, he was beating him, sometimes I passed my wet tongue . My submissive did nothing but groan, I think that more than the stranger who was throwing me, and because it could not be touched, the penis had about to explode, to the point that it came out liquid and wet to the ground. When I got tired of being fucked, I untied him and put him on a bar stool, with his stomach glued to his seat and his extremities with American tape attached to each leg of the sidewalk, with his ass wide open for him to fuck.