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A swing party

I will tell you my first experience in a swinger place and at the same time my first contact with a woman. In Santiago I have a good friend who has shared many of my experiences. He is liberal and had spoken to me on many occasions about the environment in swingers. One Saturday coinciding that I was in the city, I decided, and after a good dinner we headed to one of them. I was very nervous, it was something new and I didn’t know if I was going to fit into the environment. As liberal as I am, the new always mixes nervousness and morbidity. We entered after knocking on the door, it is normal for everyone, and we went to the bar to have a drink and set ourselves. I felt watched and immediately I saw that women were almost all wearing lingerie and short dresses. I had also taken something to change under my friend’s instructions, and I didn’t know if I was going to dare to wear it.

 After a walk around the place and show me every corner, I made up my mind to change. There were moans already heard and that of the pleasure of others warmed me a lot. He took my hand and told me to trust him, that he would have a great time. He pushed me directly into a room called a dark room, where the lack of light made me more nervous than I was. I felt hands on my breasts and moans of pleasure around me as a tongue ran through my body. I was paralyzed until I realized that a woman was doing oral sex on me.

It was my first experience

It was my first experience with another woman and the truth that I liked so much that since that first time, I have not stopped sharing pleasure in all the places I go. I like to visit Santiago visiting places and on many occasions I visit them with those clients who want to discover the liberal environment. Other people go to see monuments and I am going to check the liberal environment of the different parts of the country. The truth is that sometimes, there are plenty of words and we believe that this is one of them. Imagine that some of us could live that and have been a main spectator, is priceless. Once again, the escort makes us shudder and wish that at some time, we can share a sexual experience of that style.