Have you started working as an escort or prepaid? Whether publishing a profile on a website or another way, you must first think and decide what you want to do and how.

These tips will help you in that process, the things you should consider before you start …

Privacy is a top priority

Do not use your real name, unless you want everyone to know about your new independent business. Therefore, select a job name, be it a nickname (“Loli”, “Katy”, “Milu”, “Pamy”, …) or an invented one (“Graciela”, “Luana”, “Lila”).

When choosing your profile photos, decide if you want to use images that show your face. As much as you regret it, you will not always be able to have control once they are published.

Depending on the seriousness and dedication of each website, it is possible that the data and images that you have sent will be published there and take a while until those responsible for the website delete or change that information.

Choose a proper escort directory

Choosing a website is also a big deal. Try to find a trustworthy one which cares for its reputation. A good site usually has a vast catalog of girls and reviews from the clients. Also, a good one may ask you to verify your photo because they don’t want to cheat the users. Try to post your ad on websites like SexAbuDhabi.com or find some other trustworthy escort directory.

Such websites are not free, but it will bring you more clients then posting on some free escort ads website and the clients will be of a better social status. Usually you may chose a couple of photos for uploading, one of them will be your user pic. Don’t save money on photos – go to a photo studio to have a professional photo-shoot. It looks much more professional.

A separate cell phone, the tool of every escort

It is best to have an exclusive telephone line for work, so you can buy a mobile phone with prepaid chip.

It’s very important that customers don’t have your personal phone number, just working..

Today a prepaid phone is very economical, a practically disposable product. In fact, if at any time you decide to stop with your work as an escort, you can also destroy the SIM card and say goodbye to the phone.

And maybe later resume the activity, with another prepaid mobile phone.

Money first

Before any sexual act, take money in advance. If you work through an agency and not through a profile on a website, do not give money to anyone, until you receive the cash from the client.

Remember, this business is not safe. Maybe it’s a good idea to hire a security to protect yourself in such situations when a clients wants extra services and doesn’t want to pay for it.

Sexual health

Because of the nature of your work, it is vital to think about your sexual health. Every time you have sex, the use of condoms is mandatory.

Buy or demand branded condoms and check that they are not expired. Search and discover the best condoms, there are even no latex ones.

And remember that some lubricant is always welcome.

Again: your sexual health.

Go to a local sexual health clinic (or health center) and asks for a Hepatitis B test, which is usually done for people who perform personal service jobs (for example, paramedics).

If your services include kisses or other practices at an anal level, you should also ask clients for a Hepatitis A study.

Your Emotional Health 

Reflect and decide what your limits are. If you do not want to do oral sex without a condom, or if you prefer not to offer the anal sex service, simply do not do it, regardless of customer pressures. It’s totally up to you.

The company of other prostitutes

It may be convenient to form ties with other girls in the field. Talk with them about what they are doing and how, in order to have a direct reference of the options available to sell your services.